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A Brief History of Kuang Jen High School

Kuang Jen High School was founded in Pu-Chen, Pan-Chiao by the Catholic Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CCIM) from Belgium.

In February of 1964, CCIM was authorized to establish Kuang Jen Middle School by the Provincial Board of Education of Taiwan.

In 1966, Archbishop Lo Kuang of Taipei parish was elected as president of the Board of Trustees of CCIM, which afterwards invited Mr. Bing-Li Cheng (鄭秉禮) to take charge of the establishment of the school.

In June of 1967, Mr. Cheng was officially appointed as the first principal of Kuang Jen Middle School, upon completing the establishment of the school. In August of 1967, the first three classes of 7th graders were enrolled.

In the summer of 1970, the first regular classes of Kuang Jen Middle School graduated. Meanwhile, with the addition of high school classes, Kuang Jen has progressed from a middle school to a comprehensive high school—Kuang Jen High School.

In 1969, the first ever music program in Taiwan for talented youth in music was launched in the school. In the summer of 1972, the first students of the music program graduated. In order to further develop the potentials of these young musicians, a high school music program was established.

In 1975, a special program for mentally challenged junior high school students, which is known today as special education, was set up in the school. It was the only junior special education class started by a private high school in Taiwan. 

In 1987, the school started an art program for junior high school students.

With its middle school, music and art programs, and special education classes, Kuang Jen is now more than a regular high school, as it offers a variety of choices, as well as equal opportunity, to students with different talents on a student-centered basis.

Since its foundation, the educational goals of Kuang Jen have been to promote the well-rounded education, and to develop the different talents of students. All teaching staff has thus dedicated themselves to this mission. For years, Kuang Jen alumni have created a legacy nurtured by the virtues of diligence and self-discipline.

To provide students with an excellent learning environment, recruitment of teachers and renovation of facilities are highly emphasized in Kuang Jen. It is required that all the teachers own at least a bachelor’s degree in their teaching field or in a related area. Kuang Jen also boasts its new and abundant teaching aids and facilities, which are replenished and updated regularly in response to the changes in curriculum and society.

In 1988, the first principal Mr. Cheng retired after serving in Kuang Jen for 21 years ever since the establishment of the school. During his tenure, he laid the foundation and fostered the traditions.

His successor, Mr. Chi-Wen Chou (周繼文), continued to emphasize and practice the well-rounded teaching. He also advocated liberal education to develop a school grounded in diversity and ingenuity.

Upon Mr. Chou’s retirement in the summer of 1993, the Board of Trustees named Sister Hu-Yu Tsai (蔡護瑜) as the 3rd principal. She encouraged full involvement of all the teachers in developing the features of the school.

In 1995 Mr. Chi-Chen Dai (戴志成) became the 4th principal. He was dedicated to enhancing school buildings and facilities, including the renovation of the sports field and the construction of Kuang Jen Hall.

In the winter of 2002, Mr. Shan-Tai Lin (林山太) was appointed as the 5th principal. He stresses the importance of providing students with an education based on cultivating and practicing one's virtues in life, and focusing on academic performance. He also advocates a firm determination in seeking excellence, and an unyielding courage in accomplishing goals. Drawing an analogy between the teamwork of the staff and the cooperation shown by wild geese in flight, he encourages the staff to work together to achieve perfection.

Since February 2006, Ms. Lily Lee has become the sixth principal of Kuang Jen High School. Principal Lee has stressing the important spirits of "Honesty, Kindness, Diligence and Perseverance."

For nearly four decades, Kuang Jen alumni have excelled in their different careers. All the teachers and students in Kuang Jen have worked together to lay a solid foundation. With a commitment to the four mottoes of the school—Honesty, Kindness, Diligence and Perseverance—Kuang Jen will continue to thrive in the decades to come.